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JLK, Laptop Caddy & Multimedia Trolley

JLK Multimedia

JLK, now Yelloz Vision is a leading supplier of professional mutlimedia solutions with an educational purpose.

The company contacted MBD DESIGN with the objective to develop an innovative concept in order to create a new offer for two ranges of products: the laptop caddy and the multimedia trolley.

The study of the agency aimed to add a seducing factor to the different elements of the range while creating a Yelloz Vision strong and differentiated « product image »

Once recognized and identified, the furniture had to reveal its capability to evolve in order to meet the new multimedia needs to which the company is specialized in answering.

The agency directed its choice towards an easily accessible cylindrical storage unit, with a playful and friendly image. This solution has been proposed in different colors and can easily fit within a wide variety of clients environments. Ergonomics and functional features were optimized with the vertical positioning of the laptops.

MBD Design did also conduct the engineering study for both trolleys.

This new laptop caddy concept was laureate of the 2009 industry Janus, label awarded to products conceived from the beginning as bringing a real advantage to their users.
Les aspects ergonomiques et fonctionnels ont été optimisés avec le  positionnement vertical des PCs portables.

MBD Design a également été chargé de développer l’étude d’ingénierie de la classe mobile et du chariot multimédia.

Ce nouveau concept de classe mobile est lauréat du Janus de l’industrie 2009, label décerné aux produits pensés dès leur conception pour apporter un bénéfice réel pour l’utilisateur.

Bombardier, New Flexity II Range

Following the success of Marseille’s Tramway, Bombardier Transport, leading rolling stock manufacturer, entrusted MBD Design to conduct a study on his new low floor generation of Tramways Flexity 2.

The Agency work comprised the vehicles exterior design: front end and liveries as well as all the interior fittings.

Bombardier’s objective was to propose a choice of personalized solutions to his clients. Two versions were selected for the front end. The interior architecture conception allowed an easy personalization in order to meet the demand from diversified markets ranging from Southern Europe to Northern and Eastern Europe.

Following the design and styling study, MBD created a 3D video that was released during the Vienna UITP congress last June 2009.

It is this rolling stock that has already been chosen by the city of Blackpool (UK), announcing the first commercial exploitation of this new generation of Tramways.

DCNS, Gowind

DCNS - Gowind

Major player in the maritime world, DCNS entrusted MBD DESIGN to conduct a study in order to integrate design in its «CORVETTE GOWIND» range.

The objective was double: to enhance the commercial value and the high technological content of the DCNS product beside the competition as well as to create the basis of a DCNS product identity declinable in different sizes and on all kind of vessels.

MBD Design has rapidly drew four directions that had to be found in the new design: intelligence, speed, stature and quality.

The image of these ships, both warriors and protectors, imposing and furtive, shall convey the intelligence of their conception and use.
The speed, especially when it is exercised on water, is an important asset and the vessel shall express its potentiality in that field.
Ships that insure avoidance action, neutralize and defeat shall induce their reliability through their stature.
The quality of the finish as well as the care of the details of an industrialized object, whatever it is, induce the intuitive and unconscious perception of the reliability, the technical development outcome, the durability.

All these concepts have found their expression in terms of volume in the treatment of the object «DCNS ship».

This strong identity image has since been applied on other DCNS vessels such as the FREMM fregates.

Legris, Blowguns


A world player in fluid connections, Legris has contacted MBD DESIGN to conduct a study on the design of its Premium and Standard blowgun ranges.

The Legris blowguns allow a progressive, powerful and silent air jet. They are available in multipurpose version and can be used in various industrial sectors: car industry, building machines etc. The nozzles are interchangeable and can be rotating.

The Agency worked on the fluidity and the softness of the shapes for an easy hold and handling of a product with different applications.

A special attention was given to the ergonomics aspects with, among others, the possibility to connect the air arrival to the blowgun’s lower or upper body, but also with different other connecting possibilities.

The design suggests precision and lightness, performance and technical nature, reliability and safety. The traditional color code of a brand well known for the quality of its products was kept.

The first blowguns were marketed in 2008.


Acmat - VLRA

ACMAT designs, manufactures and markets 4×4 and 4×6 cross-country vehicles, trailers, shelters and generators.
Within its product strategy development, the group entrusted MBD DESIGN to conduct a study on the VLRA (Light Vehicle for Liaison, Reconnaissance and Support) evolution.

Icon of the group, the VLRA has been in the market since over 40 years. It has been developed in over 75 models that were sold in more than 46 countries.

As a consequence, it was very important that the renovated version keeps its identity : an horizontal radiator grill, a bonnet with steep sides, a windscreen with a very vertical profile, wheels passage in geometric shapes.

The Agency study concerned the exterior design for two 4×4 VLRA2 in their Torpedo and Tole versions. The design basics were maintain : robustness, simplicity, aggressiveness, technical tricks, functionalities, common components, clearing capacity.

The Agency creative work allowed to keep the height/length proportions while emphasizing the horizontal radiator effect. The optics were integrated, the bonnet was closed and moved, the stepladder was integrated.

The new VLRA2 draw a robustness and modernity feeling. The vehicle past history is kept while its identity is reinforced.

Some VLRA2 Torpedo and Tole prototypes were previewed during EUROSATORY in June 2008

SNC-Lavalin, Puy de Dôme

SNC Lavalin - TC Dôme

SNC-Lavalin, one of the world’s leading groups of engineering and construction companies contacted MBD Design to study the Puy-de-Dôme’s summit’s train design.

Following the Conseil Général du Puy de Dôme’s initiative, this project will modify the access to the volcano’s summit with a rack railway using electrical energy. Once in place, it will allow to stop the current road access.
This ecological solution will reinforce the site tourist attraction allowing its opening all year long.

Considering the sharp inclines on the way to the summit, the vehicles choice felt on a rack railway manufactured by Stadler. On the basis of an existing rolling stock, the Agency works on the front end shape as well as on the interior design and layout. The train will be accessible to people with reduced mobility as well as to those fond of sports. There will be space to bring their hang gliding and bicycles to the summit.

Based on the particular volcano environment as well as on the special needs for its future users, MBD develops different proposals for the exterior design. For the livery, the Agency found inspiration in the green nature and the volcano. The interior uses noble and natural materials such as wood. The passengers’ visual comfort is secured by the use of a sun visor made of perforated steel and decorated with flowery graphics. Some dedicated areas equipped with stools will welcome both the schoolboys and the athletics with their equipments.

These proposals will be submitted to the local population vote.

The first trip should take place in June 2012.

Rotem, KTX II

Rotem - KTX II

The internationally renowned railways manufacturer ROTEM has been chosen by the Korean operator Korail to build the new high speed train KTX II which will link Seoul to Mokpo.

The styling and design creative research has been awarded to MBD Design. The objective was to consider some Korean cultural elements while proposing an international modern design.

he outside look expresses aero dynamism and speed while the volumes remind of aquatic and animals shapes very present in the Korean culture.

The inside overall appearance emphasizes the local users travelling habits: indirect lights, rotating seats, passengers’ privacy.

Colours and patterns have been selected in respect of their significations in the travellers’ collective imagination. The use of wooden linings and tinted glasses in particular refer to the world of luxury as it is seen in the country.

All the graphics used for the outside livery and for the inside materials (seats, floor, side walls) are inspired from signs found in the local Korean culture.

It took almost a year and it needed a closed collaboration to finalize a project which gathers a 85% satisfaction rate among the Korean population.