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Our process :

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Creativity / Prospective design

3D rendering


These innovative yet realistic concepts are an integral part of the operator’s search to imagine and anticipate a brighter future for all passengers.

Our 3D renderings quality is second-to-none, with specifically customised softwares and more than 100 years of combined know-how in the agency.

Along the years, we developed our own proprietary 3D ergonomics data, allowing us to define precisely efficient and comfortable driving or travelling positions.

Technical development

We are well aware of the technological constraints of the railways manufacturing industry, and therefore suggest fully compliant design solutions. We propose realistic and seductive proposals from the outset.

Communication tools

Industrial design is not only about the creation of smarter solutions but also about their communication and supporting explanations. We can produce in-house ranges of up-to-theminute communication tools.


MBD Design has the in-house knowledge to produce some highly reaslistic 3D animations, in our own 3D modelled stations or in real landscape. We can also support our 3D renderings with VR panotours and visualizations