Express Rail Link High Speed train

//Express Rail Link High Speed train

The agency MBD Design was very proud to be chosen by the Hong Kong operator MTR and the Chinese manufacturer CRRC Sifang to work on the design of the XRL high speed train passenger coaches.

This section of the high-speed train line will allow Hong Kong to connect to Guangzhou in mainland China in less than 48 minutes. MBD Design has brought its skills on the exterior appearance as well as on the interior fittings, first and second class.

The exterior livery enhances the corporate red MTR color while adding the dynamism of orange and metallic grey in an undulating fine line. With the addition of white, the sharp and elegant final rendering creates a strong and unique identity at the same time.

Once on board, the second class passenger flows in a cheerful and relaxing atmosphere. The alternation of seats in warm colors blends nicely with the wavy and refreshing patterns found at ground level and around the luggage racks. A very bright ceiling decorated with a few graphics contributes to the general atmosphere of well-being.

The business class is definitely anchored in the vegetable world with inspired patterns that can be found on the seats, the floor and the side walls. The intimate atmosphere is enhanced by felted lights at the end of each coach. This feeling of richness is enhanced by the choice of materials and colors on the side walls as well as by the rhythm of the luggage racks. A journey into elegance starts.

A particular attention was paid to the comfort of everyone with rounded-shaped headrests and integrated individual reading lights.

The first trainsets should start operating in the last quarter of 2018.


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Léonard Vignes
Léonard Vignes specializes in the field of animation and modeling. His experience of 15 years at MBD Design has enabled him to develop an international knowledge in transport vehicles as well as a strong technical and computer expertise.

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