Salvador de Bahia Metro

//Salvador de Bahia Metro

MBD Design has been selected by the operator Grupo CCR Via Quatro to conduct a design study for the new Line 2 vehicles.

For this city with a unique historical heritage, MBD Design has not hesitated to offer a colorful exterior and innovative interior.

The front end shows a distinctive rounded shape with bright and cheerful colors giving an overall elegant and dynamic appearance.

The particular location of the seats, both longitudinal and transverse, has created an original design with a physically separated backrest bench positioned as a whole strip along the side panels. This arrangement differs from the traditional image of subway interiors, offering an ambience inspired by public benches or sofa in domestic housing.
These positive values are intended to promote the attractiveness of a more humane and friendly public transportation.
The continuing backrest also provides a visual unity in a space that could otherwise appear as chaotic and messy. As of the seats, they remain independent and covered by a fabric to clearly indicate the individual spaces.

The space area dedicated to seated passengers is also visually defined at ground level by a different color floor material.

Some refined details such as the platforms lighting and the graphic decoration of the ceiling catch the attention and give an overall feeling of a subway dedicated to its users’ well-being in terms of travel experience. The manufacturer tender was won by the Korean manufacturer Hyundai Rotem. The first trains were inaugurated in December 2015 and the subway should be operating for the Olympic Games this summer.


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Léonard Vignes
Léonard Vignes specializes in the field of animation and modeling. His experience of 15 years at MBD Design has enabled him to develop an international knowledge in transport vehicles as well as a strong technical and computer expertise.

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